Five U.S. states will enact new privacy laws in 2023 which may have a significant impact on companies which operate in each respective state. Cal­ifornia will be amending an existing law, while Colorado, Connecticut, Utah and Virginia will be introducing new laws. As these laws will also effect companies located outside of the respective states, ensuring compliance will prevent businesses from incurring sizeable fines or sanctions. Maintaining proper compliance may also be a challenge due to key differences in how each state regulator will enforce these laws. Navigating the variance in each statute could drastically alter how a company manages data collection and privacy. Companies will need to dedicate the necessary attention and resources to updating how they protect the data they collect as they prepare for these new laws to take effect.

The article, “Navigating Different Obligations of State Privacy Statutes Next Year,” highlights the changes to privacy statutes in 2023, was originally published in the Rochester Business Journal and can be found in its entirety on the Phillips Lytle website.